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Our ADAS Calibration Services

Convenience via automated scheduling, pick-up and delivery services.

Most of our calibration services involve diagnostic scanning, clearing codes, wheel alignment/thrust angle verification, calibration, thorough documentation, module programming, post calibration health scan, test drive, and valet convenience.

This comprehensive process ensures that cars meet the best standards increasing reliability.

Diagnostic Scanning

We provide a thorough analysis of all ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) systems’ present state.

We’ll offer a complete service report that includes

  • A list of every ADAS in the car
  • Diagnostic Problem Codes on All ADAS (DTC)
  • Pre-existing condition documentation

Clear Codes

  • Before starting the real calibration of a car, we will clear any codes.
  • If we are unable to clear codes, we will work with you to address any ADAS problems with your car.

Wheel Alignment Verification

  • It is not possible to complete a precise calibration without verifying the wheel alignment
  • Our calibration process includes an Electronic Alignment Verification (EAV), whenever applicable
  • Our EAV Report is included in our Electronic File Documentation


  • We provide full-service ADAS calibration.
  • We use the most precise and recent hardware and software.
  • We’ll carry out an accurate calibration in a lab setting that is regulated.
  • full calibration report


All calibrations come with full electronic file documentation that is available through our cloud-based portal.

  • Calibration phase pictures are documented.
  • Presently used calibration technique
  • Report from Electronic Alignment Verification (EAV)

Module Programming

Any substitute ADAS module may be reprogrammed by us.

Comparison Chart

MOBILE SetupHybrid SetupDedicated Facility
OEM compliant Certified Calibration Center××
Same Day Service with Online Scheduling××
Estimate auditing service, removing all guess work and saving estimators time××
Sixteen step ADAS Calibrations with full documentation××
Business to business additional profit center××