About Us

About us

NuTECH is a full-service ADAS calibration center founded in February 2023, right in the West End of Richmond, Virginia. Doors officially open/opening on June 12th, 2023. Family owned and operated by Kristopher & Paula Dyer of Goochland County.
Mr. Dyer has been in various sectors of the automotive industry for over 23 years and is now living his American dream as a business owner. Many people in the industry know him from his previous endeavors with Napa Auto Parts, Mobility Works, Mitchell 1 and Accu-Turn.

Mrs. Dyer has been in the mortgage banking industry for 22 years and will be assisting the back-end of the business, utilizing her Associates degree in Business & Accounting. She is now living her American dream as a business owner as well. Many peers in her industry know her from her long and continued career with CItizens Bank, a bank predominantly based in the North East of the U.S., headquartered in Rhode Island. Prior to the crash of 2008, she worked primarily in the mortgage broker sector.

They have 2 daughters, Madison(19) and Finnley(10). They also have 4, fur-daughters, three cats (Silver, Ash & Cookie) and a beautiful dog named Bella!

“We love camping (glamping), fishing, boating, tubing, swimming and spend most of our ‘free’ time as a family at a campground in Lake Gaston!” “We also love the “Salt Life” and make several trips to the beach as well, our favorite beach area being the Outer Banks!”

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to make driving safer, more comfortable, and more efficient for everyone. We believe that by providing advanced ADAS technologies, we can help reduce the number of accidents on the road, improve driver confidence and awareness, and create a better driving experience for all

Our Vision

Our vision as a car ADAS service provider is to lead the way in promoting safe and responsible driving practices worldwide. We envision a future where accidents and injuries caused by human error are dramatically reduced or eliminated altogether, thanks to the widespread adoption of advanced ADAS technologies.

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Our ADAS Calibation process includes diagnostic scanning, clearing codes, wheel alignment verification, calibration, documentation, module programming, post calibration health scan, test drive, and convenience.